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49% of men would refuse to help a woman change a flat tyre

It may be Valentine’s day, but love certainly isn’t in the air – at least not for many of us. Around half of men would ignore a woman struggling to change a car’s tyre at the roadside, a survey has revealed. Chivalry, it would seem, is all but dead.

Just out of shot, there's a man hurrying past.
Just out of shot, there’s a man hurrying past.

The survey, conducted by MTS, asked 1,600 men and women about their attitudes to love and chivalry in the run-up to Valentine’s day. When asked whether they would pull over to help a lady in distress to change a flat 49 per cent of blokes said they would keep moving. When asked whether they would change their minds if the woman in question happened to be a celebrity, an even greater number of men said they’d keep going.

Just 18 per cent would stop for Joanna Lumley, 12 per cent for Cheryl Cole, 9 per cent for Olympic hero Jessica Ennis, 8 per cent for Keira Knightley and 3 per cent for Adele. Being beautiful, famous and talented gets you nowhere, it would seem.

Women seemed far more keen to show a bit of Valentine’s Day spirit. Asked which celebrity they’d prefer to fix their car, 58 per cent of respondents opted for James Bond star Daniel Craig. David Beckham came in second on 28 per cent, followed by Paul McCartney on 12 per cent, Simon Cowell on 9 per cent and Justin Bieber on a lowly 1 per cent.

Perhaps the reason men appear so reluctant to help women get out of tyre-related scrapes is linked to the fact so many women are secretly wishing they could swap their usual grease monkeys for somebody famous. 

Men, would you really leave a damsel in distress stranded? Damsels, would you expect help or are you perfectly capable of changing flats yourself? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on our Facebook page.

Source: Micheldever Tyre Services/Protyre

Image: Flickr


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