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60-year-old woman tears up drag strip in modded C63 AMG

It’s a well-known fact that women and old people can’t drive fast cars. Well-known if you’re a bigot that is, and if you are, then you may change your mind after watching this video of a 60-odd-year-old woman tearing up the drag strip in her 11-second monster Merc.

The unidentified sexagenarian was spotted suiting up for a quarter mile run in her Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG when she had a camera thrust in her face by a curious onlooker, who presumably had never seen anyone of her description lining up to burn rubber. Unpreturbed, she politely removed her bi-focals and helmet and revealed a little bit about herself.

Drag racing, she told the camera-wielding gentleman, is a hobby she’s enjoyed ever since she was a teenager. Her family aren’t averse to it, either, as evidenced by the fact her husband was lining up just ahead of her in a second-generation Dodge Viper.

Her own car, she revealed, is fully prepared for life on the drag strip. The Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 AMG chucks out 457 horsepower as standard, but hers has been modified with a chipped ECU, a cold air induction kit, slick tyres and a number of other, mostly bolt-on modifications that increase overall power to 475hp.

We suspect the engine’s producing a little more than that, though, because the Merc, which bears the license plate “BADBENZ”, was filmed leaving a Nissan 200SX for dead, clocking a quarter mile time of 11.72 seconds and going through the speed gun at 119.68mph. The most beautiful moment? Watching her aggressively warming her slicks on the start line before tearing off into the distance.

Watch the video for yourself. If you’re not impressed then you’re probably dead inside, and the same absolutely cannot be said of the heroic granny. We salute you, madam.

Via: Autoblog


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