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Alcohol, drugs and guns commonly found in borrowed cars

Lending a car to a someone is a pretty trusting thing to do considering the potential for that person to ruin your pride and job, but it appears you have more than that to worry about – like them snooping through your private property.

Want free guns, drugs and booze? Just check the glove box?
Want free guns, drugs and booze? Just check the glove box?

A survey by website found 63 per cent of the 1,500 Americans who borrowed a friend’s car admitted to snooping around the vehicle ─ rummaging through the glove box, door pockets, centre console and wherever else the owner may store things.

The survey went on to look at the types of items found by nosey drivers. This included mobile phones (27 per cent), insurance documents (19 per cent), an expired registration (23 per cent) and medicine (18 per cent) — pretty boring stuff.

However, 26 per cent of respondents admitted to finding “surprising photographs”, although no explanation is given for what that entails. 15 per cent, meanwhile, said they’d found a gun, 17 per cent found illegal substances and 23 per cent found alcohol.

It turns out men were more likely to snoop than women, with 73 per cent of blokes admitting to the deed versus 44 per cent of women. Perhaps men are less inclined to lie about it?

“If you’re lending out your car, seriously consider taking out private items,” consumer analyst Penny Gusner commented. “This is particularly true if it’s a man who will be driving off in your car.”

Most people said they had a good reason for their snooping. 41 per cent said they were looking around purely to find somewhere to stash their own stuff, 22 per cent wanted to find some music and 17 per cent were looking for the vehicle’s insurance card. Only 20 per cent said it was out of curiosity.

The worst offenders for snooping were co-workers (79 per cent likely to take a look), love interests (77 per cent) and neighbours (72 per cent). Relatives were said to be the least likely, being nosey only 56 per cent of the time.

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