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Alfa Romeo 4C specs and pictures revealed ahead of 2013 launch

Alfa Romeo has released new pictures and specs of the Alfa Romeo 4C — a sports car so beautiful it could reduce grown men to tears and turn individuals with no previous romantic interest in inanimate objects into metal-lusting perverts. And that’s before they’ve even seen the 4C convertible.

The 4C will go on show in its finished form at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show ahead of its launch later this year. It will use an evolution of the Quadrifoglio Verde lump from the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Made from aluminium, the 4-cylinder 1750 Turbo Petrol unit is likely to boast more than the 235bhp you get in the Giulietta and likely more torque to play with, too.

Final numbers haven’t been confirmed, but Alfa says the 4C will have a supercar-like power-to-weight ratio of 4kg/hp, suggesting a 0-62mph sprint of around 4.5 seconds.

Benefits of the new engine include maximum torque at just 1,400rpm, reduced turbo lag thanks to what Alfa calls a “scavenging control system”, direct petrol injection and dual continuous variable valve timing. All this means the 4C should be powerful and fast but should be pretty efficient, too.

The Alfa Romeo 4C’s gear changes are taken care of by the Alfa TCT automatic transmission and not a manual gearbox. Those who like to feel like they’re part of the shifting process can still shoot up and down through the ratios using the paddles located onbehind the steering wheel, but we live in hope the twin dry clutch and impressive performance will help us forget the lack of a good-old manual box.

Predictably, the Alfa 4C will feature the firm’s now commonplace DNA selector switch, which alters the car’s driving characteristics. In the 4C it will feature Dynamic, Natural and All weather presets, along with a new Race mode, which should make the 4C even more track-friendly.

Although there are not yet any official interior shots of the 4C, Alfa Romeo has said to expect carbon fibre and styling that will facilitate “maximum driving satisfaction” — whatever that means. Let’s face it though, even if the interior is made of old discarded newspapers and smells of tramps, we’d still want one.

Fiat estimates the Alfa Romeo 4C will cost £35,500, which seems like a bargain given the eye-melting beauty and the inevitably rapid performance. It is scheduled to go on sale this year. Expect more precise pricing and availability details, along with full power and performance figures to be announced in the lead up to the Geneva Motor Show.

Until then, scroll on down and dream.


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