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Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is 510hp of Italian insanity

Alfa Romeo has announced the Giulia, a brand new model that looks set to take on overly-aggressive Jaguars and Mercedes with a potent mix of Italian styling and performance.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia, announced on the 105th anniversary of the ALFA (short for Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili), will have a 510hp six-cylinder capable of making 510hp in its top-spec Quadrofoglio specification. 0-62mph will take just 3.9 seconds. 

That and a 50:50 weight distribution, torque vectoring, an integrated brake system and an active aero splitter that can actively adjust downforce as it goes along should mean the Giulia is going to madder than a bag of spiders. Meanwhile cylinder deactivation will help keep the fuel bills affordable.

Alfa’s Alfalink multilink suspension at the rear, a double wishbone setup at the front axle and active dampers are said to work together to help ‘tackle high lateral forces’ while ensuring the steering is ‘direct, natural and instinctive’ no matter how fast the car is going.

The double-clutch torque vectoring system and rear differential allow each wheel to be controlled independently for when traction becomes a problem but without being too invasive so as not to ruin the fun. Push too hard and the integrated brake system steps in for ‘record-breaking stopping distances’. 

Also new to the Giulia is the Advanced Efficient driving mode, which adds to the usual array of DNA options that includes Dynamic, Natural and Racing. This is basically an eco mode specifically made for the Giulia.

By keeping the Giulia light using carbon fibre for the propeller shaft, bonnet, roof and seat frames the, power to weight ratio is an impressive 3.6kg per horsepower. Fast, then, will be an understatement. It is unclear what other engines will be offered.

Given the recent Alfa Romeos have been a bit lacklustre, ignoring the 4C of course, the Giulia could take the brand back to the form we all know and love. Just look at the thing.

Alfa Romeo Giulia pictures


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