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Amphibious Quadski hits 45mph on land and water

If James Bond was looking for a gadget to help him escape from deadly, machine gun-toting assailants, whilst in attendance at a spy mate’s stag do, no doubt he would pick the Quadski.

This one-person quad bike boasts the ability to drive on land at 45mph, but also floats, enabling it to function as a sea, lake or river-faring vessel. Simply push a button on the handlebars and it’ll fold its wheels up out of the water in five seconds, helping it slip through the briny deep with ease.

The Quadski can travel at 45mph on land and water.
The Quadski can travel at 45mph on land and water.

Once on water, it’ll keep going at a brisk 45mph. There’s even space on the back for any inappropriately-named, but stunningly beautiful Bond girls that happen to need rescuing.

Although technically just a quad bike fused with a jetski, the Quadski and its technologies cost around $200 million (£125 million) and took 16 years to create. Over that time there have been nine prototypes and more than 300 patents amassed by the team behind it.

This isn’t the first vehicle of its type from creator Alan Gibbs of Gibbs Sports Amphibians. Back in 2003 he debuted the Aquada, a three-seater that could drive on land at 100mph and hit 30mph in the sea – a feat it achieved with Virgin CEO Richard Branson at the helm when it crossed the English Channel in record-breaking time.

Unfortunately, the lack of airbags – for fear of them deploying upon impact with water – and the closure of Rover, from which the Aquada got its engine, meant it never reached production. This is why Gibbs decided to turn to all-terrain vehicles, which have more relaxed safety rules.

Wannabe James Bonds will need to dig relatively deep for the privilege of owning a Quadski. The amphibious vehicle is expected to cost $40,000 (£25,000) when it goes on sale at watersport dealerships in Florida, the Great Lakes, New York and Texas before the end of 2012.


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