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Angry elephant caught overturning VW in Kruger Park

Male elephant gets angry and flips over British couple in a VW.

If there is one animal you should probably avoid annoying, it’s the elephant. Unfortunately the driver of a VW found this out the hard way, with the resulting attack caught on film and uploaded to YouTube. This never happened to us at Longleat.

30-year-old Sarah Brooks from Spalding in Lincolnshire and her fiancé were driving along in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. They had attempted to drive around a particularly large bull elephant when things started to go awry.

South African tourists in a vehicle behind filmed the elephant as it started to become interested in the VW and its occupants. Reports say the couple turned off the engine in a bid to not upset the creature further. Unfortunately the measure proved unsuccessful and the VW ended up being flipped multiple times over a distance of 40 metres.

Luckily for all involved the car behind was able to get away and the couple in the VW sustained relatively minor injuries given that they were attacked by an animal that weighs an average of 5,500kg and has two tusks that can span up to 3 metres.

Park manager William Mabasa said the couple was right to stay quiet and still, but admitted it was never a good idea to drive that near. “There’s no need to get close,” he told the Independent.

Mabasa said the aggression was down to musth, a periodic condition in male elephants that causes testosterone levels to surge by as much as 60 times. Reports say the animal has since been put down.

The original video was taken down but the footage has been reappeared on YouTube. Turn down the volume if swearing bothers you.



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