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Anyone who loves drifting needs to watch Gymkhana 9

Ken Block is back inspiring young petrolheads and making old people wonder why he is wasting tyres in his latest video, Gymkhana 9 ─ and it has already amassed more than two million views in a day.

The full name of the video is ‘Gymkhana Nine: Raw Industrial Playground’, which sounds like a really dangerous place for kids to play but it is actually where the drift master goes sideways almost all of the time.

Block has ditched his 1965 ‘Hoonicorn’ four-wheel drive Mustang with 845bhp (for now, at least), opting instead for a 600bhp Focus RX used in the World Rallycross Championship, complete with 660lb/ft of torque and more advertising than the next series of Great British Bake Off.

The video was filmed at an abandoned industrial estate in Buffalo of New York and is particularly focussed on really, really difficult driving manoeuvres. The reason is that Block is a bit upset about car manufacturers using CGI to do stunts (he doesn’t get paid if a computer does it).

For instance, there is a bit where the wheels of the car are right on the edge of a big drop into the sea ─ no doubt a bit of a dig at BMW’s aircraft carrier ‘stunt’ with the BMW M2.

As is the case for every Gymkhana video, Block makes it look incredibly easy as himself and his Focus RX shred countless sets of tyres. The distances between the back of the car and obstacles can be measured in millimetres, which is what separates him from that bloke who spends a couple of hours in Tesco car park doing doughnuts.

There’s plenty of delicious slow-motion action to enjoy, as well as plenty of onboard footage to show what Block sees during each stunt. Now sit comfortably, relax and try not to imagine what would happen if Block made a pig’s ear of the train stunt. Or the bit with the bridge…

Video: Gymkhana Nine ─ Raw Industrial Playground


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