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Aston Martin DBX 4×4 is the poshest GT crossover you will see today

Geneva Motor Show: What do you get if you combine an all-electric powertrain, all-wheel drive and Aston Martin? The DBX 4×4 concept, that’s what.

The DBX 4×4 is a crossover, which basically means it combines two car types into one. In this case, it’s a luxury grand tourer with all-wheel drive and off-roading abilities so you have a car that can cruise around Kensington one minute and down a muddy dirt track the next. 

Four adults can be accommodated and Aston Martin assures us there’s enough room for luggage because, without the need for an engine, you get luggage space at the front and back of the car like in the Tesla Model S

When it comes to the powertrain, Aston Martin is keeping quiet about performance and power figures. Such is the nature of the electric cars, we can expect a generous dollop of torque and acceleration. As for range, it depends on the size of the battery among other things. 

The paintjob known as Black Pearl Chromium was chosen because it mimics the look of a black pearl, with the top layer comprised a micro-fine coating of chrome to enhance the reflectivity. 

One of the most interesting aspects of the DBX is the little screen in the middle of the steering wheel. Though potentially not that useful, it really does scream cool, much like the velvet-like Nubeck leather found on the front and rear seats. 

Aston Martin CEO Dr Andy Palmer said: “This is, clearly, not a production-ready sports GT car, but it is a piece of fresh, bold thinking about what Aston Martin GT customers around the world could request of us in the future.  

“The DBX Concept is more than a thought starter for us and for our customers, though. We will, in due course, be entering a car into the new DBX space and I am very much looking forward to seeing how this concept is received not only here today, but also by our legion of existing loyal customers and by those potential customers around the world who have, to this point, yet to consider one of our cars.”

Volvo is another manufacturer that has been looking into more subtle crossovers with its S60 Cross Country, though without quite the same level of luxury as the Aston Martin obviously.

Rory Reid is on the ground at Geneva. Check out his hands on with the concept, not to mention a few photos, below these very words. 

Aston Martin DBX 4×4 concept pictures and video


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