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Aston Martin has built a 1,000bhp boat (and we want it)

Aston Martin and Quintessence Yachts have been working together to produce a seafaring creation that aims to conquer the waves in style.

The Aston Martin AM37 powerboat is said to be the result of ‘years of research and development’. Its name actually refers to the fact it’s 37-feet length, so RSS Aston McBoatyface must have been ruled out fairly early on.

Various engines can be chosen for powering through the water, including a twin 370bhp diesel engine setup, twin 430bhp petrol, but neither really matter because there’s an AM37 S model with twin 520bhp petrol engines.

That makes the AM37 a 1,040bhp floating monster of a machine capable of 52 knots, which is just shy of 60mph landlubbers. Hardly the same speed as the V12 Vantage or other four-wheeled Astons, but then keeping your caviar and champagne from dripping down your rollneck is probably more important.

Those who own an Aston Martin (or indeed any luxury car, for that matter) should feel right at home in the cockpit of the AM37 as it has been designed like that of its four-wheeled brethren, including dials, ‘steering wheel’ and a big screen for your infotainment needs.

Star of the show is, of course, the styling. The AM37 powerboat oozes cool, with the fetching dark blue and wooden panelling giving it a Riva Aquarama-esque look – and that’s a big compliment because they are some of the most beautiful objects on the planet.

The AM37 will be on show at the Milan Design Week’s Salone del Mobile festival so if you want to catch a glimpse be there in April 2016. Or write lots of zeros on a cheque, hand it over and hope it’s enough to buy one.

Aston Martin AM37 pictures


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