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Audi R8 Competition is the most powerful R8 ever

There’s a new four-ringed king in town: The Audi R8 Competition is the most powerful Audi production vehicle money can buy. Details of the beast have been revealed ahead of the Los Angeles motor show.

With the Audi R8 as we know it due for a replacement, the R8 Competition is going out with a bang. The 5.2-litre V10 has been tuned up to output 570bhp ─ 20 more than the R8 V10 Plus and 45 more than the standard R8 V10.

0 to 62mph is, therefore, lower than ever at 3.2 seconds, while the top speed is just shy of 200mph. So not only is it the most powerful Audi money can buy, it’s the fastest R8, too.

Each one of the 60 cars destined for the US only comes with matt carbon fibre on the mirror caps, rear spoiler, front spoiler and various other areas. There’s also a spot of gloss black on the alloy wheels and exhaust tips. Stopping is taken care of by carbon ceramic brakes and sporty red calipers as standard.

Inside there’s more of that lovely matt carbon fibre and a few R8 Competition logos so you and your passenger know this is an R8 not to be trifled with.

First deliveries are expected in early 2015 so there’s time to save up and you can slap your name down for one. An exact price is yet to be confirmed.

The previous special edition Audi R8 was the LMX, which featured super bright laser beam headlights and 562bhp.

Audi R8 Competition pictures


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