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Audi R8 V10 vs motorbike in real life chase video

Lunatic driver videos himself travelling at 170mph as he races a group of bikers.

A driver from Brazil decided to show just how easy it is to keep up with his two-wheeled brethren — if you happen to own an Audi R8 V10, that is. The video was captured by an in-car camera and was uploaded to YouTube, presumably for the benefit of equally insane drivers.

The video shows the anonymous driver travelling up to speeds of 170mph, weaving in and out of traffic like a nutter and flying past the bikers like they’re not even there. The Audi then tails one particularly brave biker to a toll road, lifting off the throttle to avoid hitting him, before the pursuit ends.

With very little distance between the high-powered Audi and the bikes, all of which are travelling at breakneck speeds, the margin of error was slim at best, and falling off would likely have meant lights out for the motorcyclist. Neither party involved seemed bothered, though, as the both biker and driver greeted each other at the end of the race with a thumbs up.

“Thank you bro,” the Audi driver said excitedly to the biker as they reached the toll.

The female passenger onboard the Audi is perhaps used to the driver’s antics as she seems to find the whole thing more funny than scary. “F&%^! You’re mad man, really… My goodness,” she said, before laughing hysterically.

She does, however, tell the driver to back off on a few occasions. “Let them go,” she said. “Take it easy. Don’t push him or he will fall…”

Since the video titled ‘Racing R8 vs motos HD’ was uploaded towards the end of 2013 it has amassed nearly 22,000 views.

The video looks more like a scene from a racing game than real life, making it pretty compelling – if scary – viewing, but the consequences of such stupid actions could have been all too real.

Obviously never try this at home, unless you want to end up in prison. Or dead. Younger viewers: Be mindful there are a few swear words in the subtitles.


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