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Australian curtain airbag safety video is brutal

You may not know what curtain airbags are, but you will after watching the following safety video by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) of Victoria, Australia.

The short but highly effective video shows a woman who suffered brain damage talking about why airbags that deploy from the top of the door in the event of a side impact crash could prevent you from suffering the same fate.

Curtain airbags are designed to stop you from whacking your head on the side of the car or, in the event of losing control of the vehicle, the object or objects you collide with. Front airbags only offer protection in the case of a front or rear-end crash. 

Watching the poor woman try to speak makes for unpleasant viewing, but it highlights an important issue. Curtain airbags reduce the likelihood you suffer brain damage in the event another vehicle side-ends you. A study in 2006 found the reduction was 40 per cent, in fact.

The video may be a little long in the tooth, but not all cars come with curtain airbags so the point still stands. “Demand curtain airbags in your next car,” the video concludes. Probably best, given how important your brain is, eh? 

Curtain Airbags – TAC vehicle safety TV ad video


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