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Behind the scenes with Kahn Design – Video

So you’ve blown a healthy wad of cash on a nice luxury car – big deal. Chances are, unless you’ve got Saudi money, you’ll pull up alongside somebody else with the same car in the same colour, making your purchase seem a little less special – but that’s where Kahn Design comes in.

The Bradford, England-based styling outfit started life producing bespoke bodykits for boy racers back in 1998. It’s perhaps best known for its iconic RSR alloy wheels, which graced the arches of GTIs, GTEs, RSes and and just about any car with an acronym that’s synonymous with ‘fast’. These days everybody from Justin Bieber to Katie Price wants a piece of that action.

Here at Recombu Cars, we’ve always been fans of the Kahn brand, so we decided it was high time we headed up to the company’s headquarters to meet the people behind it, inspect their work and take a thorough look behind the scenes.

Whilst there, we saw all manner of gorgeously appointed cars, not least a tonne of custom jeeps, Lamborghini Aventadors, CEO Afzal Kahn’s own Rolls Royce Phantom and a ludicrously aggressive RS250 Range Rover Evoque. If any of that rocks your boat, we recommend you watch the video for yourself, subscribe to our Recombu Cars YouTube channel and let us know what you think in the comments.


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