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Bentley Continental Supersports: Five things you should know about the British cruiser

The Bentley Continental Supersports has arrived. Here is exactly what you need to know about one of the world’s fastest four-seaters, including the top speed, power output and how it differs to the standard Continental.

Gone are the days you had to choose between luxury and speed. With cars like the Bentley Continental Supersports grand tourer, you can take yourself and three brave passengers up to the sort of speeds you expect from a supercar but without diminishing the comfort.

That is, of course, assuming you have pockets deep enough to buy one. But let us assume you do. You would want to know what the Bentley Continental GT Supersports is all about, right? And how it differs to the standard Continental? Prepare to be educated.

1) Few production four-seaters are as fast

The Bentley Continental is a bit rapid in the first place, but revisions to the 7.0-litre W12 have made it even more potent. Think bigger turbos, more air cooling and higher levels of boost contributing to a 80hp and 160lb/ft increase in horsepower and torque, respectively, taking the total to 710hp and 750lb/ft. As a result, 0-60mph takes 3.4 seconds and the top speed is a whopping 209mph (330kmh).

Is it the fastest four-seater, as Bentley claims? The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso and its FF successor would probably have something to say about that, but anything of this size capable of breaking 200mph is seriously impressive.

2) Bentley put the Continental Supersports on a slight diet

Let us be honest, the Bentley Continental is a bit of a porker. So the Supersports was given a diet of sorts to reduce the 2,290kg kerb weight of the standard car, including the use of lighter forged alloy wheels (21kg saved) and an optional titanium exhaust (another 5kg).

Even though it is lighter, Bentley is taking no prisoners when it comes to slowing it down because ceramic brakes are now standard and said to be the biggest of their kind.

3) The Continental Supersports convertible is a thing

One of the easiest ways to make a car more exciting is to cut the roof off, exposing the driver to the elements. So Bentley has done just that with the Continental Supersports Convertible, which is heavier but not that much slower as its 3.9-second 0-60mph time and 205mph top speed suggest. Expect to pay a premium for going topless, of course.

4) You now get torque vectoring

Yes, the torque vectoring system found on the GT3-R has been fitted and specifically calibrated for the Continental Supersports. The system is capable of controlling the braking of all wheels individually, allowing it to slow down the inside wheel and improve turn-in and reduce understeer. The traction control system has also been made less intrusive to help improve chassis precision.

That and the four-wheel drive system, with a 40:60 rearward bias, mated to the usual eight-speed automatic gearbox, should ensure it goes round corners quicker than physics would otherwise allow.

5) Luxury is still king

To make the Continental Supersports a bit more special on the inside, Bentley has gone with bespoke styling that includes a new quilted Alcantara patten on the seats and door panels, a chequered ‘Supersports’ fascia on the dashboard and a bespoke steering wheel and gear lever. Coated in yet more Alcantara.

For those who crave a more personal Bentley, an ‘X Specification’ pack can be yours, providing a choice of eight duo-tone paint treatments, carbon fibre door mirrors and gloss black alloys.


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