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Bentley Exp 10 Speed 6: The future of British four-wheeled luxury?

Geneva Motor Show: Bentley has provided us a potential glimpse of the future of its luxury cars with the bizarrely named Exp 10 Speed 6, a concept car smaller in size than the production Continental GT.

British manufacturer Bentley describes the Exp 10 Speed 6 as a ‘British interpretation of a high performance two-seater sportscar’. It wants the concept to challenge its competitors in terms of top speed, yet offer the luxury and craftsmanship associated with the brand. The usual, then.

Various recognisable Bentley design cues have been tweaked to make them more modern, including a new version of the Bentley grille and four-round headlamps, the latter of which have a three-dimensional texture inspired by the quilted leather seats.

Even the classic British Racing Green paintjob is a variation on tradition, as it has been made darker, richer and more metallic than usual.

The interior is meant to be performance-orientated, but you can still expect total luxury in the form of quilted sports seats that are probably more comfy than your sofa. There is also a 12-inch infotainment touch screen and a digital dashboard display.

Interior materials include straight-grain cherry wood, aluminium, copper and Poltrona Frau leather for the sports seats and rear luggage area behind, which is split into two compartments designed to accommodate a specifically designed four-piece luggage set.

Whether the Exp 10 Speed 6 makes it to production is anyone’s guess so maybe refrain from getting too attached. Easier said than done when it looks as beautiful as it does.

Bentley Exp 10 Speed 6 concept pictures and video


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