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Best Lego sets for petrolheads

Recombu Cars takes a day out from testing cars to build Lego in an attempt to find the best sets for anyone who, like us, loves things with wheels.

Looking to give yourself or a fellow petrolhead a box of lego? Wise move. Lego is and probably always will be one of those rare toys that is just as brilliant the older you get, whether you are man (or woman) enough to admit it.

But what are the best Lego sets you should spend your hard-earned on? We scoured our toy cupboard, searched high and low on the Internet and spent hours playing with coloured plastic bricks to find our answer. You’re welcome.

Lego Tumbler Batmobile

Few vehicles are as badass as the Tumbler Batmobile from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy of Batman films. It blasts flames out of its exhaust, has huge tyres for crushing other vehicles, the ability to soak up bullets and it does all this while looking dangerously sleek. You can, therefore, see why Lego decided to turn it into a highly intricate 1,869-piece Lego toy. Want very much.

£116 | Available September 2014

Lego Mini Cooper

What the Lego Mini Cooper lacks in flame throwers and bullets, it more than makes up for with nostalgia and patriotism. Before BMW got its hands on the name the Mini was a pint-sized vehicle that set out to challenge the VW Beetle. In the process it become iconic. The £75 toy has plenty of authentic touches, including a wood effect dashboard, folding seats and a picnic hamper. 1,077 pieces of joy, if you ask us. 

£75 | Available August 2014

Enzo Ferrari

In 2005 the world was graced with the Enzo Ferrari lego set, a 1:10 scale representation of the Italian supercar. Around five hours are needed to assemble the 1,300 pieces, all of which are divided up into nine bags – saving you a lot of time checking if a piece is missing. The end result is a Ferrari red 18-inch long rolling masterpiece. The set was discontinued so second-hand-only purchases now, folks.

From £80 | eBay

4×4 Crawler

Nothing beats an off-truck, especially when it is made 1,327 pieces of Lego Technic. The £140 set has loads of exterior detailing. Meanwhile oodles of ground clearance and working suspension let you plough over other toys. Pets will hate the remote control aspect of this Lego set, but there’s nothing keeping you from just opening and closing the electronically operated doors instead.

£140 |

Mobile Crane Mk II

Yes, we included a crane. Why? Because. It was a close call between the 2,606 piece Mobile Crane MK II and the Service Truck, but we went with the former because of the ten wheels, extending crane arm, 8-wheel drive and retractable winch. The sheer size of the Lego set is a plus point, too, measuring 23-inches long and 8-inches high. Small homes need not apply.

£140 |

Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

The Mini Cooper wasn’t the first classic vehicle to be immortalised in little pieces of plastic. Lego’s Volkswagen T1 Camper Van version of the 1962 holiday vehicle features 11 windows with authentic curtains and a rear bench seat that transform into a bed. Pop the boot and a detailed engine can be found. Various neat interior touches complete a Lego set nearly as cool as the 60s.

£80 |

Lego Crawler Town

We had to include the Lego Crawler Town, even though you can’t buy it. It only takes one look to realise why. This behemoth of coloured bricks is more than a vehicle – it’s a freakin’ Eco-Punk moving city with solar panels, a landing strip for airplanes and loads of wheels. If you have a mountain of Lego and no life, this is the Lego set for you. You can thank Dave DeGobbi for its creation.

How much money you got? | The Awesomer


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