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BMW Mini Paceman Adventure pick-up made for safari

No we’re not having a giraffe ─ BMW interns create a Mini Paceman ‘Adventure’ pick-up.

The Mini pick-up was a regular fixture for the original British classic car, but it had been forgotten since BMW took the helm in recent times. Or so we thought. Feast your eyes on the Mini Paceman Adventure.

The Mini Paceman Adventure (check out the numberplate) was created by BMW interns who rightfully thought it would be a good idea to revive a classic model. Just a bit of fun, then? Perhaps, but this particular project can be seen in a Mini dealership in Munich of Germany, which is pretty official.

There’s also the fact its makers did more than just cut the roof off and plonk in a pickup body. The body and underbody of the recently announced 2014 Paceman have been reinforced to maintain structural rigidity and survive off-roading, while off-road tyres help with grip and tackling bumps. There are also roof lights and a spare tyre for when you need to track wildlife in some forgotten corner of the globe.

Images of the Mini Paceman Adventure were put on Facebook by the Mini dealership, each one accompanied by a short description. Most describe the pick-up aspect (if Google Translate has been kind to us). One example reads: “Ready to go! The worldwide unique MINI Paceman pick-up waiting in our showroom for you – get away!”

The dealership mentions fuel consumption and CO2 emissions figures, which seems like a lot of effort for a model that will never see the light of day. Perhaps that’s just wishful thinking. Whatever the outcome, we can only think the return of the Mini pick-up would be a great thing.

Head to the Mini München for more images or visit the dealership on May 15th 2014 to see the vehicle in the flesh.

Mini Paceman Adventure pick-up pictures


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