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BMW X5 retains crown as the most frequently stolen car in the UK

Car thieves still regarding the BMW X5 SUV as their favourite target for fifth year.

BMW X5 owners, beware. The German-built SUV has been revealed as the most stolen car in the UK for the fifth year in a row. Fortunately it was also the most recovered, according to tracking unit provider Tracker.

The mighty BMW M3 moved up from third place to second place in 2013, with the Mercedes C Class entering the top ten for the first time in third place ahead of the lightning quick Audi A4.

The BMW M5 and 3 Series occupy fifth and six place, respectively. The Range Rover Sport SUV took seventh place, down from second place in 2012. Its Range Rover Vogue sibling scored eighth alongside the lightning quick Audi S3.

On the subject of Audi, the RS4 is nowhere to be seen in 2013. The Mercedes ML also dropped off the list entirely, having featured in sixth place a year previously. Ninth place is occupied by three cars: BMW 5 Series, Mercedes E Class and the Porsche 911.

Tracker said it helped recover almost £8.5 million in stolen vehicles in 2013. The average cost of cars stolen over the year was £23,600, suggesting thieves will target any vehicle ─ not just those of high value.

The Tracker website claims £481 million in vehicles have been recovered to date comprised 22,649 assets and 2,374 police arrests.

“The best way to increase the likelihood of your vehicle being recovered, if it is stolen, is to invest in a tracking unit,” Tracker police liason officer Adrian Davenport said. “Using our award-winning technology, our trackers emit a signal, which leads police to the stolen vehicle and reuniting owners with their cars.”

A tracking unit allows the location of a vehicle to be tracked remotely by a computer. Tracker’s cheapest offering starts from £249, which includes fitting and a one year subscription to the service.


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