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Britain’s fastest police car is a McLaren 12c Spider

Britain’s fastest police car, the McLaren 12c Spider, has travel speeds of more than 200mph, but won’t be on the roads any time soon. 

Britain’s fastest police car is a deadly McLaren 12c Spider, which can do 0-60 in just 3 seconds. But unfortunately (or fortunately, if you’re a criminal) the supercar is just for show and won’t be zooming down the motorways anytime soon. 

The car, which was revealed at the Autosport International event in Birmingham on Saturday, is currently on loan from Formula 1 manufacturers McLaren. Its purpose in life is to spread a road safety message, as it is hoped its stunning design will attract younger motorists. 

PC Angus Nairn, who stars on the BBC TV show Motorway Cops, said: “Although the car won’t be used operationally on the motorways, at the show we get a lot of interest from younger drivers and those with an interest in performance cars and that gives us the chance to talk with them over issues of road safety.” 

He added: “We have taken extraordinary cars to the event before and the response has been overwhelming.”

The topics that they discuss include using mobile phones whilst driving, drink driving, speeding and not using seatbelts

The world’s fastest police car currently belongs to Germany, after they introduced a Brabus Merc with a top speed of 255mph. Dubai also has a range of mighty police cars, including an Aston Martin One-77 and a Lambourghini Aventador. 

We’re thinking that if this car was on the roads, it’d make a pretty big statement. We certainly prefer it to the entries on our list of the top eight most embarassing police cars






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