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British motorists most angered by mobile phone use

Motorists using a mobile phone while driving is our number one driving pet hate, according to a survey of 2,000 British drivers by used car website Carcraft.

76 per cent of respondents said it was the thing most likely to anger them, narrowly beating those who fail to indicate and driving too closely (aka tailgating) to another vehicle.

Potholes were also found to be a top five annoyance, presumably because there are more than two million of them on British roads – all vying to cripple your suspension and tyres.

Less dangerous driving misdemeanors – such as poor braking and middle lane hogging – scored lower in the survey, suggesting motorist road rage levels hinge on the level of the danger posed.

Carcraft CEO Colin Houlihan said: “Driving for many is no longer an enjoyable experience and is now just a means of getting from A to B.

“It’s particularly interesting that the typical causes of road rage such as road works and middle lane driving are lower down the list. However we’re sure the growing menace of potholes will only infuriate more motorists as we approach winter and the conditions of British roads continue to worsen.”

Get caught on the blower while driving and you can expect an automatic fine of £100 and three penalty points. In some cases you could be taken to court and slapped a maximum fine of £1,000. 

The government claims you are four times more likely to crash when on the phone, while your reaction times are around 50 per cent slower than normal.

Although a couple of controversial studies have suggested things like screaming children and smartwatches are bigger threats, anything that takes your concentration away from the task of driving should probably be saved for when you’re not moving. That amusing cat video can wait.

Those who still think it’s acceptable to drive and text should watch this chilling video.


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