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Burnouts are cool, until you mash up your Mustang

When you’ve splashed out on a high performance car, there’s infinite temptation to show off your new toy to passers-by in the most extreme way possible — perhaps by way of a donut, a burnout or just revving the engine.

Occasionally, such stunts pass without incident, but sometimes they’re a very bad idea. Take this chap, for example. He fancied showing off for crowds lining a sidewalk by lighting up his rear tyres, fishtailing past the throng of car lovers in a controlled manner and basking in his own awesomeness — only things didn’t quite go as planned.  

Barely three seconds into his manoeuvre, Mr. Mustang lost control and smacked his shiny chrome rims into curb. Hard. Cue frenzied screams, laughing and not a small amount of mocking from the assembled crowd. “He too old! He too old!” one bystander observes, before concluding “He can’t handle dat!” Quite right.

The funniest bit of all: watching the very broken Mustang continue on its journey, the driver clearly too embarassed to stop and pick up the bits that have fallen off his car.  

Watch for yourself, friends, and let the mocking commence in 3, 2…. 


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