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Businessman straps donkeys to Jag after series of breakdowns

An Indian businessman decided donkeys were more reliable than his Jaguar XJ.

Donkeys are more reliable than the Jaguar XJ. That is, according to one businessman. Rahul Thackreym bought the £53,000 luxury saloon in May but has experienced mechanical and component issues with it ever since. As a solution, he’s hitched a few donkeys to it and it’s now a luxury donkey cart.

Donkeys are the new V8.
Donkeys are the new V8.

The white XJ has several of the tame animals strapped to the front of the car in protest of its unreliability. Thackeym is clearly not Jaguar’s biggest fan, commenting, “I was fed up with going back and getting them to put things right only to have something else go wrong. In order to make sure I could at least still use it and to let the dealer know what I thought of their cars, I came up with the idea of having it towed around by donkeys.”

The frustrations started for the Ahmedabad-based car enthusiast when the lights went off. Once that was resolved, the bumper fell off and the comedy continued. What seems to be a sorry state of affairs already, it appears the customer service, or lack thereof, just added insult to injury. Thackreym explained, “The bumper fell off and it got repaired in 10 days when it is mandatory to repair it in 48 hours. And that was just the start.”

Thackreym was so frustrated with the service, he took his family’s joke about buying a donkey quite literally. The dealership have declined to comment. It says its still in talks with Mr Thackreym. We can only hope they don’t make an ass of him. Sorry.


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