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Caterham AeroSeven Concept provides glimpse of next model

Caterham has given us a glimpse of its next road car in the form of the AeroSeven Concept, unveiled at the Singapore Grand Prix.

This bizarre looking contraption is built on an ‘updated interpretation’ of Caterham’s Seven CSR platform and the body is made from lightweight carbon fibre. Its shape, designed using expertise from the Caterham F1 team, is designed to increase downforce and improve the drag coefficient.

Power for the AeroSeven could come from the 2-litre 237bhp Ford Duratec-based normally-aspirated engine found in the recently launched Seven 485 model, but other engines are being assessed for suitability.

In its current form, Caterham estimates 0 to 62mph would take less than four seconds. No word on a top speed, but we expect it’d be fast enough to facilitate a change of underwear.

The AeroSeven is the first Caterham to include traction control alongside anti-lock brakes. A launch control system is also made possible thanks to the new Caterham Engine Management System.

On the inside, the AeroSeven Concept has a fancy steering wheel and a Graphical Display Unit that shows engine speed, vehicle speed, the gear you are currently in, traction and brake settings, fuel and oil levels.

Purists will be pleased to know the Caterham Engine Management system can be adjusted via the steering wheel or turned off completely – if you’re brave enough.

Handling will be taken care of by F1-style front inboard pushrod suspension, plus new dampers, anti-roll bars and springs.

The AeroSeven Concept includes a number of racing-inspired features, including a Pit Lane Speed Limiter, Flash-to-Pass and two driving modes; Road and Race. The default Race setting gives maximum power, while Road reduces peak power through a reduced rev limit.

A road version is expected to arrive in 2014.

Caterham AeroSeven Concept Pictures



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