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Watch this cement truck flip and slam into a car

Watch the terrifying moment a cement truck slips and slams into a car. 

A cement truck ran through a red light, flipped on its side, and slammed into a car which captured the terrifying incident on film. The footage was captured by Dr Guan Zhu’s dashboard-mounted camera. Amazingly, Dr Zhu was able to walk away from the scene without serious injury.

Dr Zhu recalled how he had no memory of the truck coming towards him. He said: “I could not remember in my memory, a truck is coming, and I could not remember exactly how it happened, and then the video says that’s how it happened, kind of turning like 45 degrees before it hits my vehicle.”

Dr Zhu managed to walk away with just a cut to his leg. He installed a dashboard camera in his car a year ago in case he was ever involved in a crash

Amazingly, the truck driver also escaped unscathed. Despite running a red light, he was not handed a ticket.

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