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Motorist drives across frozen Yellow River in China to avoid a 50p toll bridge

A driver who didn’t want to pay 50p for a toll bridge to take him across a frozen river risked his life by driving straight onto the ice.

A tight-fisted driver was so determined to avoid a toll road that he risked his life by driving straight across the frozen Yellow River in Ordos, China. Onlookers watched in horror as the man drove onto the river, quite slowly at first, before gaining in confidence and picking up speed — all to save a mere 50p for a toll bridge.

It took the driver 10 minutes to cross the river, which is 1km-wide and 5,464km-long. Tolls are common in China and usually cost between 5 and ten yuan (50p to £1). The nearest road crossing would have been the Jingsang Expressway which runs into Ordos, but this obviously wasn’t an option for the driver. 

The Yellow River has been responsible for several deadly floods, some of which have killed millions of people. Now, explosives are dropped from aircrafts to break the ice dams before they become too dangerous – it’s a lucky job this didn’t happen whilst the fearless driver was on the river. 

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