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Children driven 126,000 miles by parents before they’re old enough to drive

Parents will drive their kids an average of 125,817 miles before their children reach the age of 18 and can drive themselves, it has been revealed.

This is according to a poll of 1,000 parents by insurance company Aviva, which found mums and dads typically make 117 journeys between them every month, equating to an average of 641 miles or 7,692 miles annually and 25 hours and ten minutes spent driving.

Yes, one entire day out of every month is spent ferrying children around.

Going into more detail of the average parent’s driving habits, Aviva says that figure includes 12 visits to let your children visit friends, 11 trips to sports club and practice, 28 family outings to playgrounds and adventure parks, five trips to social clubs and activities, four trips to music clubs or lessons and six trips to birthday parties

To put that into perspective, 125,817 miles is equivalent to five round trips of the earth’s circumference, half a trip to the moon or 9,766 laps of the 12.8 mile north loop of the Nurburgring in Germany. However you look at it, it’s a long time to endure your kids kicking, screaming and crying.

The data revealed parents do the most trips when their children are at primary school, with 134 trips made monthly at a distance of 724 miles. As children reach secondary school, this figure drops to 100 trips and 568 miles, a total of 6,602 miles between the ages of 11 and 16.

Travelling 125,817 miles in a Ford Focus 1.6TDCI diesel ECOnetic, which does 65.7mpg, would cost roughly £11,318, assuming you paid £1.30 per litre.

“It’s easy to see how parents could drive themselves round the bend with their children’s busy social lives,” Heather Smith of Aviva explained. “With parents having to make around 27 journeys a week for their children, it’s no surprise that over a third of parents now rely on two or more cars to ferry their kids around.”


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