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Cyclists happier than those who drive or take public transport

A recent survey shows those who commute to work by bicycle are both healthier AND happier than those who drive.

Cyclists aren’t the most loved of road users. Pedestrians think they get in the way, as do motorists. That rift is set to grow even larter thanks to the news that those who get around on two wheels are not only happier, but healthier too. 

Cyclists are happier commuters than drivers.
Cyclists are happier commuters than drivers.

Researchers from South Carolina’s Clemson University found that cyclists are the happiest commuters, arriving at work in a much better mood than their motoring colleagues. Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the researchers analysed emotions against modes of travel.

Cyclists ride with the wind in their faces. Those on buses and tubes riding with someone’s eggy armpit in their faces,  it was of little surprise that the survey showed those commuters to be the grumpiest.

Motorists were between cyclists and those who took public transport.

Eric Morris, lead author of the research, said: “Cyclists are generally younger and physically healthy, which are traits that happier people usually possess.”

In related news, a study by Cambridge University showed that journeys made by men using Boris bikes had led to more positive effects on health. There was very little change in women, but this was because the number of collisions affecting women is greater. Any positive effect on women using the shared bike scheme was offset by the negative effect of the collisions.

Earlier this year, statistics showed 79 per cent of us worry we’re going to crash the car while driving. Not the happiest thought.

Do you prefer to cycle or drive?


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