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Cosmopolitan and Seat have made a car for women and people are unimpressed

A fashion magazine and a well-known car manufacturer have risked the wrath of the internet after unveiling a car designed for women.

Cosmopolitan collaborated with Spanish car manufacturer Seat to create a version of the Mii city car designed specifically for women, which was unveiled at the London FashFest. Seat global marketing director Susanne Franz said it is the brand’s “most feminine car”.

“Cosmpolitan contributed to transforming the role of women in society and the Mii by Cosmopolitan aims to establish a fresh perspective on cars. It is a tribute to modern woman,” Franz added.

The Mii by Cosmopolitan was created by a team of Seat designers in conjunction with Cosmo editors and its readers over a period of 18 months. It features a purple paintjob (white is also available), 75bhp 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine, hill hold assist, new alloy wheels and air conditioning.

Inside the car, the purple colour scheme continues on the steering wheel, top section of the door trim and Alcantara seats. A price is yet to be disclosed.

The campaign is, unsurprisingly, already receiving attention for the wrong reasons. One Twitter user commented sarcastically: “We can’t afford two cars so we’re *still* waiting for a unisex one.” Another chimed in with the hashtag “#everydaysexism”.

And so it continues: “Thank God I’ll have somewhere to store my tampons and housework utensils This is just what I needed as a woman!”

“It’s purple and has a hook for a bag. Look how far we’ve come.”

“Well, s***, time to trade in my more manly Seat for this one @SEAT_cars_UK Does it come in pink?”

Men were similarly bemused by the whole campaign: “‘A tribute to the modern woman’. Has to be a joke, surely?” Another added: “Isn’t a ‘car for women’ just a car?”

What makes this case of sexism especially noteworthy is the fact someone at Cosmopolitan (or, at least its parent company Hearst Media) thought it would be a good idea to make a car for girls. And, somewhat bizarrely, Seat agreed.

It is the female-only parking space argument all over again…

Seat Mii by Cosmopolitan pictures


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