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Dacia Sandero RS on the cards?

Renault has released a teaser video for the Sandero RS, a sporty version of the standard Sandero that will be sold in Latin markets – and could maybe, just maybe reach Europe.

Dacia is hardly the first word in performance, but the Sandero RS ─ touted as a ‘surprise for Latin America’ ─ would help attract younger, trendier buyers that care more about horsepower than boot space.

Sadly there are few details to go on. The official teaser video shows a Continental tyre and a Renaultsport badge, suggesting the people behind the Renaultsport 275 have been enlisted in making the Sandero RS. The video then says to “fasten your seatbelts”. And that’s it.

Renault did at least confirm what the Sandero is about. Speaking in the comments below the official teaser video, the French manufacturer said: “Renault Sandero RS will give new customers in Latin America only the opportunity for a sports car experience.” So faster than the standard car, then.

When asked about a French launch, Renault did, however, rain on the parade of the Sandero RS reaching European shores: “Elle n’est pas prévue pour la France et pour l’Europe,” which in English means, “it is not intended for France and Europe”.

It’s worth noting Dacia cars are sold under the Renault badge in certain markets and that Renault has ruled out the Sandero RS being sold under the Dacia brand.

So for now a speedy Sandero that can take on the Renault Megane GT 220 and other performance hatchbacks may never hit the UK, but it seems like a waste if Renaultsport is going to all this effort, surely?

The Sandero is the UK’s cheapest car, starting from £5,995.

Dacia Sandero RS video


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