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Designer Bugatti belt buckle costs more than your car

What do you buy the petrolhead who has everything? How about a Bugatti Belt Buckle that costs more than most cars?

Those lucky enough to own a Bugatti Veyron can now further pimp their 250mph supercar with the probably the most expensive belt buckle on planet earth. French company Roland Iten specialises in “exquisitely crafted” items made using the same machinery and expertise reserved for Swiss watches, the latest of which is the Calibre R22 Mark I Bugatti Edition belt buckle.

100 handcrafted components made from a mixture of expensive materials such as solid gold and titanium make up the internal mechanism.

The buckle is, according to its makers, hand-crafted by Geneva-based master craftsmen and consists of precisely 100 hand-crafted components, which are made from solid white and rose gold, lightweight titanium and stainless steel. 

The belt buckle features a “click-free” mechanism and five gears inside the buckle allow you to fine-tune the fit from 0 to 22mm so your trousers get the perfect sag-to-support ratio. 

The belt has all manner of fancy-sounding features including a “rolling click calibration lock complication”, “a vertical rotating friction controlled pin” and a “mechanically leveraged belt insertion clip”. Whatever those are. 

Your £50,000 also buys you a choice of belt lengths ranging from 87.29cm for the more svelte millionaire up to 108.98cm for those packing a bit of après-Christmas weight.

Roland Iten has been kind enough to show off its latest creation in a YouTube video, which we’ve embedded below.

One YouTuber commented: “You would need to be a monumental wanker to buy this.” Maybe they’re right ─ what do you reckon?


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