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Dog drives pick-up truck into unsuspecting owner

They say dogs are man’s best friend, but that friendship can cease the moment cars are involved — case in point: yet another mutt has run over its unsuspecting owner.

52-year-old Steve Kover, from the US state of Pennsylvania, left his pooch in his pick-up truck (his first mistake) and the engine running (his second). As he wandered off on an errand, his dog accidentally (we think) put the vehicle into drive, causing it to roll down a hill out of control.

You can see where this is going. Having gained a little speed, the pick-up and its furry driver side-swiped Kover, squeezing him between his own car and a parked vehicle. Kover hit his head on the road and was rendered momentarily unconscious. An eyewitness watched the accident unfold, according to police reports, but was unable to stop it.

Kover was rushed to hospital for examination before being reunited with his not-so-faithful, and presumably unrepentant, mutt.

It’s not clear how the nameless dog managed to put the pick-up truck into drive and whether he or she was under the influence of drink, drugs or a particularly tasty dog biscuit at the time. That said, we wouldn’t be surprised if Kover attempted to sue the pup — this did happen in America, after all.

Amazingly, car-driving dogs aren’t a new phenomenon. Back in December an animal charity from New Zealand decided to show the world just how intelligent canines can be, having trained a number of its dogs to drive within just two months.

There was also the case of a 68-year-old Florida resident whose pooch knocked the man’s pick-up into gear with tragic consequences.

The moral of the story: If you’re going to leave your dog in the car, make sure the engine is switched off. If you must leave it on, perhaps to keep the air conditioning running, make sure you drive a manual.

Source: Daily Mail


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