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Dom Joly’s favorite cars revealed in exclusive interview

We caught up with well-known prankster Dom Joly to discuss his love for cars, traveling, pranks and his role in working with energy company Shell.

UK comedian Dom Joly loves nothing better than shouting into a huge plastic mobile phone and annoying passers-by with his unique brand of humour. However the well-known prankster is also a driving fanatic, a lover of cars and an accomplished travel writer. He’s combined those passions and is now working with Shell to film a series of short films that showcase Britain’s most exciting drives.

We caught up with Dom recently to see what in the world of cars makes him tick.

Dom Joly is a huge Land Rover fan.
Dom Joly is a huge Land Rover fan.

You’re best known as a comedian, but you’ve partnered up with Shell. Are you just doing it for the money and free petrol?

I’m a travel writer, so I spend most of my time on road trips, this was an opportunity to drive over bits of The Cotswolds that are normally off limits.  I worked with Shell V-Power Nitro+ diesel to encourage people to get out and drive for pleasure.

What was your first car and what do you remember most about it?

My first car was a Citroen Diane. I used to boast it was a convertible (which it technically was), I tried to drive it to Greece but it exploded in Yugoslavia and I sold it for a train ticket.

Dom has a colorful car history.
Dom has a colorful car history.

What was your worst car and why?

A Mitsubishi Warrior. I’d been filming in America and had a pick-up truck for two months.  When I came back to the UK I tried to buy one here but there wasn’t much choice.  I ended up with a Warrior and felt like Jodie Marsh.

What cars do you own now and what do you think of them?

A Land Rover Discovery – I love it.  It’s like a Range Rover without the breaking down and the ponciness.  A BMW 1.30i – goes like shit off a shovel, awesome.  A 1981 ex-army Land Rover – dependable, fun for kids, goes anywhere.

Dom has some Joly good fun in a Land Rover.
Dom has some Joly good fun in a Land Rover.

If you have to choose one care to drive for the rest of your life what would it be?

Probably an old Mercedes (late sixties).

What’s the strangest place you’ve ever driven a car?

Over the Charles Bridge in Prague at 2am. I got it stuck and had to do a runner.

You’re known for pranks.  What’s the most memorable car prank you’ve ever attempted?

I enjoyed taking a car out of the Longleat monkey sanctuary with two Gorillas smashing it to bits with baseball bats.  We drove it right past a line of cars waiting to go in.


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