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Drink-driver tries to hide from police in nativity scene

A man attempted to evade the law after being suspected of drink-driving ─ by hiding in a nativity scene.

The suspect crashed his Mini Cooper into a metal barrier on the A659 just outside Tadcaster in North Yorkshire and then decided it would be a good idea to abandon the vehicle.

But rather than do a runner, the unnamed driver hid inside a shed with a display of the famous nativity scene comprised baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph. North Yorkshire police said they found him in the hay.

Making matters worse for the driver, who faces anything but Christmas cheer for his drink-driving incident, North Yorkshire Police tweeted a picture of the Mini Cooper with the following caption: “Driver runs from RTC in Tadcaster & tries to hide in nativity display. Located & arrested.”

Naturally, Twitter users have reacted to the news with a number of jokes and witty comments. One commented: “Obviously not one of the wise men.” Another said: “God arrest ye merry gentleman.”

It’s no surprise police are doing a bit of naming and shaming. An average of 26 people are killed or seriously injured in a crash that involves a drink-driver, with 240 deaths in 2013. It is thought the 2014 figure will be between 240 and 340 deaths.

With that said, the number of people involved in drink-drive collisions dropped to 8,270 in the same year ─ the lowest on record ─ suggesting the message is getting through to motorists.

A recent survey found the majority of motorists are against adopting Scotland’s lower alcohol limit.


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