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Driver caught taking pet lion for a spin

YouTube video of a lion caught in the back of a car in Dubai goes viral.

A video of a lion prowling in the back of a car in Dubai has surfaced on the internet. The footage, which was caught on camera by an anonymous driver sitting in traffic, was uploaded to YouTube. It has since gone viral, having amassed nearly 200,000 views in six days.

In the video you can see what appears to be a lion casually prowling around the rear of a Nissan Armada on Dubai’s main highway Sheikh Zayed Road.

The bizareness of the video has led some viewers to question whether the video is real or an eloborate hoax. Having a wild animal as a pet is a common thing for the millionaires of the United Arab Emirates, who are known to compete with each other for having the most exotic pet. It’s safe to say, however, that going for a drive with a pet lion in the back definitely takes some beating.

While some commenters on the video have shown concern for the lion’s wellbeing, noting it should be out in the wild rather than stuck in the back of a car, the video shows the lion to be rather calm. What may have happened during the rest of the journey, however, is unknown.

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