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Driver handed £80,000 speeding ticket

Those of you who’ve ever moaned about the harshness of speeding tickets in the UK should probably stay the hell away from Finland, where the severity of speeding fines are based on an individual’s income.

Businessman Anders Wiklof was the latest to fall foul of Finnish laws. The Swedish businessman was caught speeding through a 50kph zone at 77kph, and was subsequently stung with an £80,000 ticket.

Wiklof, a well-known multimillionaire in Sweden, admitted speeding but, quite understandably, said the fine was “unreasonable.”

“I’d rather put that money on the elderly, health, day care or whatever,” Wiklof is reported to have said. “I have only myself to blame, but one can question whether it is fair.

“Should I drive too fast in Sweden, I would have received 4000 crowns (£385) in fines and there is a huge difference.

“There should be a ceiling, it would be more fair.

“Where to put it I do not know, but as it is now, it is unreasonable.”

Wiklof’s £80,000 fine may seem enormous, but it’s far from the largest we’ve seen. In 2002, Jussi Salonoja racked up a world-record fine of about 170,000 euros for driving at 50mph in a 25mph zone.

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