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Driver is finally jailed after his 69th ban

A man has been jailed after being banned from driving 69 times.

A driver has finally been jailed after 39 previous convictions for taking vehicles without consent, along with a massive 69 convictions for driving whilst disqualified. 47-year-old Jeremy Hector was last caught driving a stolen Ford Transit minibus, which he had stolen from a coach company’s lockup in Tiverton, Devon. 

Just one month earlier, Mr Hector was arrested after stealing a car from a mother and continuing to drive with the woman’s toddler still strapped into the child seat. He then dumped the child onto a pavement before taking off with the car.

He was handed a four-year driving ban, which obviously didn’t stop him from continuing to take vehicles without consent. 

Sean Tipton, prosecuting, told Exeter Magistrates’ Court: “His records speaks for itself. I have counted 39 convictions for taking without consent, it may be one or two either side.” 

He added: “I have never seen a record with so many driving while disqualified.”

Vanessa Francis, defending, said that Mr Hector stole the minibus as he had nowhere to stay. She said: “He has hit a true low. He does not want to be homeless and reverted back to a pattern of offending.” 

Mr Hector has been jailed for a total of 16 weeks and given a further four-year driving ban. However, Magistrates have expressed a desire for Mr Hector to be jailed for a few years rather than the few months.

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