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Drug trafficker killed by own stash of weed

Drugs are bad for you. Don’t believe us? Just ask the (now ex-) drug smuggler in Brazil who was killed by his own stash of weed. Actually, don’t ask him – he’s dead, although he didn’t meet his demise in quite the way you might expect.

When the would-be trafficker was stopped by police at a road block in the town of Bataguasso, he panicked at the thought of cops finding the 500kg stash of marijuana in the rear of his car. Spooked, he drove through the road block and a high speed chase ensued.

We’re not sure whether the handling of his 4×4 was adversely affected by the half-tonne load of ganja or whether his mind was adversely affected by the weed fumes, but either way, the perpetrator crashed into a tree just three miles into the chase.

The force of the impact caused the 500kg stash of weed to go flying forward, crushing the driver to death against his dashboard.

The Bataguassa police have confiscated both the drugs and the vehicle and are in the process of trying to identify the deceased driver, who was carrying no identification.

Hit play on the video below to see pictures from the crash scene plus an animated reconstruction of how events unfolded.

Via: AOL


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