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Drunk driver caught speeding and having sex while driving

Some say men are completely unable to multi-task, but one chap from New Mexico has lay that myth to bed by performing a multitude of activities while at the wheel.

This man makes Charlie Sheen look like Mr Bean.
This man makes Charlie Sheen look like Mr Bean.

25-year-old Louis Briones of New Mexico was caught by police drink-driving, speeding and having sex with his partner all at the same time before then crashing his Ford Explorer 4×4 into another car at a junction, having jumped a red light.

The impact from the collision was enough to catapult his stark naked partner through the windscreen and onto a nearby pavement. Fortunately for both involved, she was treated at a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries that amounted to deep cuts to her head.

“It was crazy because I’d never seen anything like that,” an eye-witness told Action 7 News. “I didn’t know what to think. She was completely exposed. She was on her side, lying on her side with her arm over her face. I went up, and she was just laying there. I asked, ‘Are you OK?’ and she was like ‘Yeah.'”

The father of two, who was said to be wearing just a pair of inside out shorts and one shoe at the time of impact, tried to flee the scene in the now trashed car, leaving his partner on the pavement. Fortunately, a witness snatched his keys before he could make like a tree and leave.

His original plan thwarted, the ‘clearly intoxicated’ suspect did a runner and tried to hide behind a cactus to prevent the authorities from finding him. Suffice to say, the plan failed.

Local TV reports say Briones was hostile towards the police and paramedics at the scene and refused to keep his trousers on while being driven to the local Albuquerque police station.

A partially full bottle of vodka was later found in the car.

He is now facing nine driving charges for his efforts, including aggravated driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, evading police and probably indecent exposure.

Just in case you are struggling to visualise the whole debacle, Tomo News has reconstructed the events using Grand Theft Auto. We kid you not.

Source and image: AOL Cars 

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