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Enthusiasts build £1m replica Batmobile for Gumball Rally

The Gumball 3000 is a petrol head’s dream, full of exotic cars, an epic road trip, swanky parties and eccentric characters. This year, however, it’s certain to be even more of an event thanks to a certain Batmobile replica.

Gumball regulars Team Galag, a bunch of anonymous, wealthy motoring enthusiasts from around the globe, decided to do ditch their usual Lamborghinis, Koenigseggs and Ferraris in favour of a near-exact replica of the Tumbler Batmobile as seen in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. The reason? To bring back the wacky racers, “rock and roll” spirit of old.

The result is a 2.5-tonne mass of metal, rubber and fear built around a 400bhp 6.2-litre V8, created by the Parker Brothers of Florida for around £1million.

Sadly, it doesn’t shoot flames out the back and doesn’t come with rubber-clad, cat impersonating females. But it’s fully awesome in every other way and should strike fear (or at least admiration) into anyone within a ten mile radius.

It’s not clear how comfortable the Tumbler will prove over the 3,000 mile European rally. Nor do we know who will get the privilege of driving it when the rally takes off from Copehnagen, Denmark, on May the 18th. All we know is it’s utterly mental and we want one for our daily commute, even if it devours more fuel than an ocean liner.

A member of Team Galag said of the project: “The main reason behind doing the Tumbler was that we wanted to bring back a little originality and fun to the Gumball 3000, something it was always known for.”

“Who cares that it weighs 2.5 tonnes and is wider than a truck, it is certain to turn heads and blow eardrums all the way from Copenhagen to Monte Carlo,” the anonymous member added.



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