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Enzo Ferrari gets Ken Blocked around a British farm

The venerable nutter that was filmed drifting a £270,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Extended Wheelbase on grass is at it again, and this time he’s stepped his lunacy game up to new heights. The person or persons involved have released yet another video, this time Ken Blocking a incredibly expensive and rare Ferrari Enzo around a British farm.

The YouTube video, which can be found on a channel known as TaxTheRich100, begins when the £800,000 Enzo fires up in a barn next to a tractor, before charging through the open barn door. The driver then takes to dirt tracks, muddy roads, craterous puddles and performs numerous doughnuts positioning the car dangerously close to objects that would make the Enzo’s composite bodywork crash, shatter and dent in ways that would make us weep.

It’s the sort of stuff that makes us assume the driver is one sandwich short of a picnic given the fact only 399 Enzos have ever been built.

While other owners of the Ferrari Enzo are probably weeping at the sight of the video, as is anyone who works at Ferrari, we applaud the slightly crazy use of such a remarkable automobile. Let’s just hope he has a good power washer at hand to clear off all that muck.

Suddenly, souped-up rally-going hatchbacks seem a bit rubbish. Have a gander at the video above to see what we mean. When you’re done, click here to watch Tax The Rich’s previous exploits in a Rolls-Royce.


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