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Excuse for cutting up cyclist: “I’ve got a dying parrot in here!”

Cyclist left gobsmacked when driver who cut him up revealed a ‘dying’ parrot tucked in his coat.

It seems motorists and cyclists will never form a truce. When one furious cyclist was almost hit by a black Ford car in a busy street, he chased the motorist and was ready to capture the confrontation on his head camera. He may have been expecting a similar reaction to this enraged motorist, who was filmed last week swearing at a cyclist 25 times in the space of 35 seconds.

On this occasion, however, the reaction was bizarre to say the least. Upon catching up with the driver who was waiting in traffic, the cyclist said: “Could you give me a bit more room next time please?” The driver replied, “Sorry I’ve got a parrot dying on me here.” Reports say he then unzipped his jacket to show the head of the bird, pointed to it, and added: “Do you know what I mean?”

The stunned cyclist said: “Ok, well…” before the driver drove off. The confrontation was ended with the cyclist saying: “hope it’s alright.” The parrot’s condition is unknown.

We’ve certainly never come across such an original excuse for a driver almost hitting a cyclist. We’re just glad no punches were thrown. Have you got a cyclist story which tops these two? Share it in the comment section below.


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