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‘F1’ reg on sale for £10 million

The registration plate ‘F1’ is on sale for £10 million.

There’s so much we could do with £10 million; feed the starving, clothe the naked… buy ‘F1’ as a number plate. Yep, the car-tuning aficionado Afzal Kahn is selling the plate for ten million bucks, after buying it for a not insignificant £440,000.

Putting 'F1' on the road; the reg plate 'F1' is up for sale.
Putting ‘F1’ on the road; the reg plate ‘F1’ is up for sale.

The Yorkshire-based businessman has made a Bugatti Veyron the plate’s home for the last six years. The £1 million hyper car rocks a 7-speed sequential gearbox, 8.0-litre quad-turbocharged engine, giving it an insane 987bhp. It’s the fastest street-legal road car, but even its value doesn’t quite match up to the digits hanging from its bumpers.

This isn’t the first time this particular plate has been such an object of desire. Kahn’s spokesperson, Mohammed Bhana recalled an offer of £8.5 million from a Middle-eastern buyer. Kahn recently turned that down, despite the 1,831 per cent profit.

Regtransfers, the company marketing the plate, is also the place to pick up Kahn’s other plates, for example, ‘4HRH’, available for £275,000 or ‘1HRH’ at £215,000. Though these sums are enough to buy a luxury sports car or a fleet of modestly priced family cars, they’re peanuts in comparison to the much-desired ‘F1’ registration. Kahn even owns ‘F1 PET’, which he has let Petra Ecclestone borrow. It is thought the father of the socialite F1-heiress may be a potential buyer, though nothing has been confirmed.

Six years ago, Essex County Council sold the plate, which used to sit on the chairman’s Volvo S80. At the time, the £440,000 purchase broke the record for the highest price paid for a private plate. The council used the money for training young drivers. 


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