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‘Fish on Wheels’ robot car lets your pet fish drive

A contraption that lets a fish drive? Welcome to the internet.

If there’s one thing the internet does very well, it’s the ridiculous. One such example we happened upon is ‘Fish on Wheels’, a glorious contraption that does exactly what it says on the tin. Well, minus a steering wheel.

Netherlands-based Studio Diip set about building a remote control fish tank that reacts to what the fish inside is doing. The company’s clever image recognition software, which is linked to a camera, watches the fish as it swims about and turns the robot car in the same direction.

We’re not sure we would let a fish drive our car for us (fins are rubbish for pressing pedals), but the underlying technology has a lot of fascinating potential. One example given the Studio Diip website is an ‘intelligent laundry basket’ that recognises colour, preventing you from washing all your whites with one red pair of underpants.

Other uses include a coffee machine that recognises how you like your coffee and makes it as you approach the machine, automatic number plate recognition and a ‘vegetable recogniser’ that suggests potential recipes based on the veg you have.

Some of you may be thinking fish have very short memories, making them potentially dangerous drivers. Science, however, has proven they can actually remember things for up to five months. So there.

The Fish on Wheels YouTube video has reached an impressive 681,123 views at the time of writing. Scroll on down to check it out.


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