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This Furtive-eGT would leave the Tesla Model S for dead

French four-seater Exagon Motors’ all-electric sports car lives up to its name.

Tesla has a tight grip on the premium end of the electric car market but all that could change with the Exagon Motors Furtive-eGT, a powerful all-electric grand tourer that will be shown off at the Hurlingham Club on July 16th, 2014.

While the Tesla Model S can, in its Performance Guise, carry up to seven people at impressive speed, the Furtive E-GT is in a whole different league. The four-seater can hit 0 to 62mph in 3.5 seconds ─ 0.7 seconds faster than its Californian rival and nearly as fast as some petrol supercars.

That blistering performance comes from two special Siemens electric motors that output a combined 400hp as well as Michelin tyres, bespoke running gear comprised the ‘latest generation’ lithium-ion batteries and a monocoque carbon body that weighs just 124kg. No wonder it accelerates like a rocket.

“We have the same approach as jewel-makers to high-end manufacturing and bespoke craftsmanship,” Exagon Motors founder Luc Marchetti commented.

“France has a unique focus on virtuosity and creativity when producing works of art. Every Furtive-eGT made so far has been created specially for its owner, and leading designers have penned each one according to the individual’s interpretation,” he added.

A few details are living up to the ‘furtive’ name. We have no idea on how far it will go on a single charge, for instance, and whether it can compete with the 85kWh Tesla Model S and its 300 mile range. We are also unaware of the price, top speed and whether a human being could sit in the back seats and live to tell the tale.

All we know is the French-built Exagon Motors Furtive-eGT is really quite stunning. Hopefully mode details will be released after the Salute to Style event at aforementioned Hurlingham Club. If not, at least we have a bunch of images to tide you over.

Exagon Motors Furtive-eGT pictures


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