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German lorry driver shot at bad motorway drivers over 700 times

Think you’ve got road rage issues? A German lorry driver has been accused of shooting at fellow drivers more than seven hundred times.

Michael Harry K is said to have been so angered by bad drivers that he fired more than 700 shots on German motorways over a five year period. He claimed he wanted to “teach them all a lesson,” Sky News reports.

The lorry driver (not pictured) shot at bad drivers.
The lorry driver (not pictured) shot at bad drivers.

58-year-old Harry K was arrested in June 2013 and stands accused of five counts of attempted murder and charges of grievous bodily harm after several motorists were injured in his extended shooting spree. One woman, who was shot in the neck, crashed into a motorway barrier, sustaining critical injuries.

Most motorists only realised that their cars had been shot when they arrived at their destinations.

Harry K claimed that he did not intend to injure anyone and only aimed at trucks’ loads. His legal team rejects the charges of attempted murder.

Prosecutor Boris Raufeisen said that the trucker was fully aware he could have caused “serious accidents with considerable consequences to the point of death of other road users,” according to Sky News.


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