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Graduate jailed for trying to avoid a speeding fine

A graduate has been jailed for three months after she tried to avoid paying a speeding fine, it has been revealed.

27-year-old Ayesha Ahmed was caught speeding twice in her BMW in a space of five minutes by a police mobile camera van in July 2014, one instance at 39mph and the other at 40mph in the same 30mph zone.

But instead of undertaking a speed awareness course or paying the fines, Ahmed enlisted the help of a ‘legal expert’ who said a ‘legal loophole’ could help her dodge them completely at a cost of £450 – a fee likely greater than the sum of the speeding fines.

Unfortunately the legal expert sent details to police that claimed it was a woman from Walsall who had been driving and not Ahmed. Suspicions were raised when police discovered eight other speeding offences had been attributed to drivers at the same address.

The international relations and politics graduate was found guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice at Wolverhampton Crown Court and sentenced to three months in jail and a 58-week driving ban. It is unclear what will happen, if anything, to the legal expert.

Police constable Steve Jevons said: “Ahmed has paid a heavy price for thinking she could lie her way out of speeding offences. She never met this “legal expert” and paid via a third-party. Ahmed was given every opportunity to admit her guilt – an admission that would have spared her a jail term.”

He added: “It’s a sorry tale. She has no previous convictions but a potentially promising career is now in ruins and all because she wanted to retain a clean licence.”

Jevons warned anyone caught speeding to avoid taking similar action. “Don’t be conned by anyone saying they know a person who, for a fee, can ‘make speeding fines go away.

“These people try passing blame on to ‘phantom’ drivers, knowing the authorities won’t be able to trace them and assuming the matter will be dropped.” Probably best to pay up, folks. Or avoid speeding in the first place.


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