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Greater London has Britain’s safest drivers

A car insurance driving safety app has revealed the safest drivers are located in Greater London — and that includes busy areas such as Islington, Chelsea, and Croydon. The app, known as Aviva Drive, has recorded driving safety data from more than 3.5 million miles driven. 

The result is surprising considering Greater London has some of the heaviest traffic volumes in the UK. However, Aviva say that the heavy traffic is a contributing factor to driving safety: it means people drive more slowly, carefully, and are more alert for potential dangers. Devon came in second, followed by East Yorkshire, Lancashire, and Cornwall. 

According to the Aviva app, drivers in Buckinghamshire are the least safe. Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Aberdeenshire and Bedfordshire fall within the bottom five. 

What makes Aviva stand out is its ability to score drivers on their driving ability alone, instead of focusing on age or gender. Aviva marketing director Heather Smith said: “We think that this is the fairest way to price insurance.”

She said that Britain overall is a nation of safe drivers, adding: “The average score by all users of the Aviva Drive app was more than 6 out of a possible 10, meaning most drivers qualified for a discount on their premium.” 

Three out of four drivers who completed the app were entitled to some form of discount, whilst 31% of drivers qualified for the maximum 20% discount. 

The app hasn’t yet worked out whether men or women are the safest drivers. But it has revealed that married people are safer than singles. As for age, those aged 60-69 score best, while those under 20 scored the lowest. 

A healthy No Claims Discount also helps drivers to drive more safely, as the app revealed that the higher your discount, the safer your driving. 

Do you live in one of the areas listed above and agree with the results? Feel differently? Then let us know by posting a comment below. 


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