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Harley Davidson for sale: One Pope owner

Harley Davidsons are often associated with Hell’s Angels, but it seems one former owner has links with the Big Man Upstairs.

The head of the Catholic church became the not-so-proud owner of a pair of Harley Davidson motorcycles recently, after the company celebrated 110 years of the brand. Harley bestowed his holiness with two of its models as well as a snazzy motorcycle jacket as thanks for blessing thousands of bikers that flocked to take part in a mass ceremony at to the famous St Peter’s square.

Quite understandably, Pope Benedict prefers his transport a little less ostentatious. He usually turns up to events in a silver Fiat Idea or sometimes a Ford Focus — any modest vehicle from the Vatican car pool, basically — so he was hardly going to keep the Harleys. 

The pope recently expressed his opinion that priests should refrain from buying expensive cars and should instead save their money and give to the poor. “It hurts my heart when I see a priest with the latest model car,” he commented. Talk about practicing what you preach, eh?

Director of the Caritas of Rome Diocese Monsignor Enrico Feroci said of the Harley Davidson sale: “It’s a precious gift which has made us happy once again, made us feel the closeness of our Bishop to the poor of the Church of Rome. We are extremely grateful to Pope Francis for this.”

Given the interesting ownership history, we’re guessing the holiest Harley in the world will fetch a pretty penny. Leathers and a mid-life crisis not included. The date of the auction is yet to be confirmed.


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