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Hearse attempts KFC drive-thru with coffin onboard

Hearse attempts KFC drive-thru, ends up in Starbucks.

Leaving the house only to realise you’re a bit peckish is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. That is, unless you are the driver of a hearse with a coffin in the back. Yes, really.

An image of a hearse attempting to squeeze through the yellow barriers at a KFC was posted on the Twitter social network, along with the words (look away now kids): “I shit you not…” The hashtag ‘#itswhathewouldhavewanted’ accompanied the tweet.

Craig Davies, the Twitter user who captured the image, said the hearse was unable to fit through the gap and so its occupants went to the nearby Starbucks instead.

Some Twitter users questioned the authenticity of the photo. Mr Davies replied: “Genuine.. I couldn’t believe it. It was too wide for the posts so they parked up and went into Starbucks instead!” He added that “plenty of onlookers” witnessed the event.

The exact details of the incident are unknown other than the photo was taken at “Cardiff Gate” ─ a business park development located on the M4 motorway in Cardiff, South Wales. It’s not clear, for instance, whether there was actually a dead body in the coffin and who the funeral directors were.

Comments posted about the image, which has been re-tweeted 620 times and has since made it into the Metro, Huffington Post and Mirror, have ranged from understanding to a little on the harsh side.

“KFC kick the bucket meal for one, please,” one Twitter user commented. “Another said: “I wouldn’t be seen dead in a KFC.”

Real or not, there’s always a chance the hearse driver was given this slightly strange request by the deceased. After all, who doesn’t like fried chicken?

The full image can be seen below.


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